Worship Songs

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by Matt Gilman & Corey Asbury

Key: G

Em  Am  G  Bm   

Here we are, God, come before the throne of grace
Here we are, God, come before the mercy seat

I can see the lightning, I can feel the thunder
I can hear the voices proceeding from Your throne

Twenty-four elders bowing low, casting down their crowns of gold
And four living creatures crying out, day and night, night and day

       Em                             Am
Only one word comes to mind
              G                  Bm
There’s only one word to describe

Em    Am   G              Bm
  Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty

There is no one like You
You are holy, holy


by Misty Edwards

Key: A

Intro: A  F#m  C#m  E  (2x)

A                                        F#m
 Come as close as You want
                             C#m                     A
Consume this heart that longs to burn
A                                    F#m
  I know Your fire can hurt
                     C#m                        A
But I will be worse here without You

          D       Bm                       E
For I was made to dwell with You
          D       Bm             E
And how I ache until I do

          A                    D
Holy God take my heart
                   F#m           E
Purge with flame and truth
                             A                   D
A holy (humble) heart is all I want
                   F#m        E
That I may live with You
I may live with You
Come and take all these chains
That get in the way of what You want
And as I stand in the flame
Still I will say I trust You God